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DBxtra Schedule Server

Automate information delivery and avoid repetitive tasks.

The DBxtra Schedule Server offers report schedule capabilities with many options, including recurring schedule jobs based on specific time intervals.

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DBxtra Schedule Server - Features

Your reports can be scheduled for delivery by e-mail to your business contacts. Plus, you can export reports to a specific location or uploaded to an FTP server; all in the most common output formats like PDF, Excel, text and Word. You can also program and send alerts to co-workers when imperative information is uncovered in your data. That way your company can quickly address any situation and respond in a timely manner.

The DBxtra Schedule Server allows you to automatically:

You can also:

System Requirements

Pricing & Licensing

See pricing here.

Licensing: DBxtra Schedule Server is licensed for unlimited schedule jobs.

You need to have at least 1 DBxtra Designer license to use the Schedule Server.

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