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DBxtra Report Designer

  • DBxtra-Designer-Report-Designer
  • DBxtra-Report-Designer
  • DBxtra-Report-Designer
  • DBxtra-Report-Designer
  • DBxtra-Report-Designer
  • DBxtra-Report-Designer

The DBxtra Report Designer is the core part of the reporting suite.
It allows you to create projects, connect to your databases and define user-groups and user security. You can design queries, reports, charts, data grids and pivot tables. Deploy reports to a physical file, which end-users can open with the Free Desktop Report Viewer. If you need advanced security, easier installation and deployment there's also the Report Web Service where end-users can view secured reports with any web browser.

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Report Designer Features

As a report creator, you'll benefit from a complete set of layout and design controls to create formatted, interactive and professional-looking interactive reports. DBxtra can address any report formatting and layout requirement by your company and makes it easy to design almost any report. A complete set of design controls offer the flexibility to give your reports a professional and pixel-perfect appearance.

Connect to your data

  • Data-Connections

Create Queries without SQL knowledge

  • Query-Tables
  • Query-Expressions
  • Query-Fields

View your data in the Data Grid

  • Data-Grid
  • Data-Grid-Grouped
  • Data-Grid-Drill-Down

View your data in the Pivot Grid

  • Pivot-Grid
  • Pivot-Grid-Chart
  • Pivot-Grid-Interactive

Design even the most complex Reports in Minutes

  • Design-Reports
  • Design-Dashbaords
  • Report-Properties

Design Charts

  • Design-Charts
  • Design-Charts
  • Design-Charts

Export and E-mail Reports

  • Excel-Pivot
  • Export-Excel
  • Export-PDF

Report Deployment

  • Report-Web-Service
  • Report-Web-Service-Report
  • Free-report-Viewer

User Security Settings

  • user-security

System Requirements

Pricing & Licensing

See pricing here.


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