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Stand-Alone Ad-Hoc Report Software - Design, Manage and Deploy Reports & Dashboards

Are you interested in bringing web based ad-hoc reporting to your business? Now you can, and best of all, with DBxtra you don’t need to be a programmer to design, manage and distribute reports. You’ll have complete control over data querying, filtering, expressions, report formatting, and report behavior.

The below table illustrates the DBxtra modules you require to fulfil your design and deployment choice.

Design Reports & Dashboards

  report designer
Report Designer
dashboard designer
Dashboard Designer
Design Reports ? ok
Design Dashboards ?   ok

Deploy / View Reports & Dashboards

      report viewer
Free Desktop Viewer
report viewer
Secure Desktop Viewer
web reports
Report Web Service
excel report
XL Reporting Service
report scheduler
Schedule Server
Open Reports as physical file - Desktop ? ok          
Open secured Reports and Dashboards on Desktop ?   ok        
Open Reports and Dashboards in Web browser ?     ok      
Real-time Data, Reports and Dashboards in Excel ?       ok    
Automate Report and Alerts Delivery  ?         ok  
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report designerDBxtra Report Designer - Design, manage and distribute reports

Learn more about the DBxtra Report Designer

dashboard designerDBxtra Dashboard Designer - Design interactive web-based dashboards

Learn more about the DBxtra Dashboard Designer

report viewer freeFree DBxtra Desktop Report Viewer - View any report designed and distributed with the DBxtra Designer

Learn more about the Free Desktop Report Viewer

report viewer secureDBxtra Desktop Report Viewer - Open secured reports assigned to the user group you belong to

Learn more about the Secure Desktop Report Viewer

report web serviceDBxtra Report Web Service - Automate report deployment to a centralized secured report repository

Learn more about the DBxtra Report Web Service

excel reporting serviceDBxtra XL Reporting Service - Access all your report data from within ©Microsoft Excel in real-time mode

Learn more about the DBxtra XL Reporting Service

schedule serverDBxtra Schedule Server - Automatic execution of repetitive reporting tasks and alerts

Learn more about the DBxtra Schedule Server

DBxtra Licensing Schema

pdf Click here to view our pricing schema.


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