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Soon! XL Reporting Service will enable you to view your reports and dashboards from within Excel.

As an accountant, financial operator and as manager you live in Microsoft Excel most of your working day. The DBxtra XL Reporting Service has now the ability to retrieve real-live connected data from your DBxtra objects into Excel as data sheet or as pivot table. Now; coming soon you’ll also be able to open reports […]

Real-time connected data in Excel without effort.

A major IT concern with Excel is its inability to retrieve live data from the original data-source. End-users have to painstakingly update to the latest data by re-importing or by copy-paste. Now; that’s over.     DBxtra’s XL Reporting Service takes care of this in a simple manner. Just connect to your DBxtra report objects […]

XL Reporting Service released

We are very happy to announce that we released the DBxtra XL Reporting Service add-on for Microsoft Excel. We know that many of your co-workers love to work with Excel to analyze and report data: Everyone knows Excel You already own Excel It’s easy to tweak report data by sorting, filtering, assigning formulas, etc. The […]

DBxtra Report Web Service – View Reports with just a Web-Browser

End-users of your organization just need a web browser to view data grids, pivot grids, reports and dashboards. Learn more about the DBxtra Report Web Service

DBxtra XL Reporting Service around the corner

We know (almost) everybody crunches his numbers in Excel. That’s why we’re about to release the DBxtra XL Reporting Service. Access all your Report data from within ©Microsoft Excel in real-time mode. The DBxtra XL Reporting Service is an Excel add-on which allows you to have access to your DBxtra Report Objects from within Excel. […]

See how we created a DBxtra Report Object including a Data Grid, Pivot Grid, Report and Dashboard in less than 10 minutes.

DBxtra .NET ver. 8.2.0 Released

September 17, 2014 DBxtra .NET ver. 8.2.0 New: Report Designer User Security: Active Directory integration with support for single sign on. Database connections: support for MySQL ODBC driver 5.2 or newer. Data Grid: filters on the headers of the data grid now allow multiple selection. Data Grid: add multiple summaries to the same column on […]

DBxtra – Excel Reporting Service

Coming soon! Access all your DBxtra Report Objects from within Excel as live, real-time data connected data sheets.

Easily embed Dashboards and Reports into your website.

DBxtra offers a Report Web Service which already is preconfigured but there might be requirements to embed your reports, data grids, pivot tables and dashboards into your own web interface. In this case, using the DBxtra Web Report Widget makes it simple and straight forward to achieve this. It is easy to configure and you […]

DBxtra – Active Directory

DBxtra version 8.2, soon to be released will allow you to integrate your user groups settings with your Active Directory.


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