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MS SQL Server – Stored Procedures Connections

The next DBxtra version 4.1.4. to be released very soon will be able to connect to SQL Server Stored Procedures and Table-valued Functions and create queries from it. This feature has been requested a lot by our customers; now you got it.

Convert date values to week, month, quarter and year

Ever wanted to convert  a certain date value to a month-year value automatically? Sometimes you might need to filter or assign parameters for weeks, months, quarters and years. The next DBxtra release version 4.1.4 to be released in the next few days will be able to convert data values to week, month, quarter and year […]

Enhanced Parameters coming soon

We’re working to enhance the parameter functionality of DBxtra. Soon there will be much more powerful parameter functionalities available. More about parameters. See also: http://www.dbxtra.com/tips/?p=262 http://www.dbxtra.com/tips/?p=65


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