November 14, 2017

DBxtra .NET ver. 10.0.0



  • New Designer menus; icons changed.
  • Offline mode, DBxtra can now work with offline data, improving loading time of slow and large queries.
  • New menu bar icon designs and additional design changes – improved support for touch screens and high DPI screens.
  • The Designer, Secure Desktop Viewer and Schedule Server now have a backstage menu.
  • We’ve added a filter field to Active Directory so the user can narrow down the scope of its search.
  • You can manually close the session of a Report Web Service user from the Designer interface.
  • Import projects and objects are now two separate user group permission.
  • Export performance for Rich Text Format and HTML has been improved.
  • The Data Grid, Pivot Grid and Dashboard use a new calcualted fields editor which supports code auto-completion, syntax highlighting, error handling and much more.

Data Grid

  • The Data Grid now offers some Excel like filters in its headers.
  • Now you can also apply and edit filter with text.
  • Drill downs are integrated in the same scroll bar of the main Data Grid view.
  • Performance has been improved for Drill Down loading.
  • Copying records from the Data Grid also copies all the colors and styles of the data.
  • Exporting the Data Grid to Excel now creates a native table control.
  • Calculated fields are exported as expressions (functions) in Excel.
  • Create a Report from the current design of a Data Grid view by just clicking a button.
  • Cell merges in the Data Grid.


  • New Character comb control for the Report. /li>
  • New Chart types: Stacked Step Area, Full Stacked Step Area, Radar Range Area, Polar Range Area.
  • New Chart wizard.
  • Chart legend has been improved.
  • Error bars indicator in charts.
  • Export to Excel functionality has been improved.
  • Export to Rich Text Format has been improved.
  • The report scripts editor supports code auto-completion.


  • We’ve added window calculations and aggregation functions like: Variation, Rank, Running Total, etc. /li>
  • New Scatter Chart control for the Dashboard
  • New Treemap control for the Dashboard.
  • Text box on Dashboards can now dinamycally load content from the database.
  • Bound image control can now dinamycally load images from a database.
  • The Range Filter widget now interprets single values as a line segment instead of a point.
  • The Range Filter widget now supports bar, stacked bars and full-stacked bars charts.
  • You can now filter by predefined ranges using the Range Filter widget.
  • You can now manage the colors used for measure and dimension values in the Pie Map and Range Filter.

Report Web Service – General

  • Now you can select the time part of a field in a date Parameter prompt on the Report Web Service.
  • Now you can export to Excel 2007 format (XLSX) directly from the Report Web Service.

Report Web Service – Data Grid

  • Fixed columns in the Data Grid are now compatible with Grouping and Drill Downs.

Report Web Service – Dashboard

  • The Dashboard now uses a more compact layout for text widgets for the Grid, Pivot and Filter items.

Schedule Server

  • Now you embed Reports into the email body of attaching it.
  • The export path field is now editable for Report Object Export jobs.

Bugs fixed:

Designer – General

  • Themes not available in responsive mode did appear both in the Widget and Configuration and Appearance windows.
  • Appearances not available in responsive mode did show in the Configuration and Appearance window.
  • Importing a Report Object did let you create new Data Connections when permission is not given.
  • Importing a Project / Object did let you change the permissions when this permission is not given.
  • Permissions are not being taken properly from the parent project/folder.
  • Tab indexes on the User Groups window needed to be reassigned.
  • Export Report Object / Project doesn’t use the path from the Project’s configuration.
  • Links to the Report Web Service still did point to the legacy interface.
  • The Who is Connected window doesn’t display the application name for XL Reporting.
  • When a DBxtra license is invalid, now allows the customer to enter a new license key on startup.

Designer – Query Builder

  • When you change an alias in the column grid sometimes is not reflected in the SQL pane.
  • Some Oracle queries throw a syntax error with Microsoft’s data provider.

Designer – Data Grid

  • Exporting the Data Grid to CSV adds padding to the exported data.

Designer – Pivot Grid

  • Changing Pivot Grid Views after a fields refresh doesn’t bring up the new fields or remove the old ones.
  • An exception is thrown when changing Views in the Pivot Grid when containing a chart.

Designer – Report

  • A report throws an exception when it contains an unbound Sub-Report with no data.


  • Previewing the Dashboard in a Report Object without having defined one returns you to the design view without warning.
  • Can’t change the Chart type from bar to anything else in the Chart Widget on the Dashboard.

Report Web Service – General

  • Opening two Reports with parameters from the Project Explorer throws an exception in the second Report.
  • Data is being reloaded from the database when certain operations are being carried out.
  • The user options sub menu doesn’t open in mobile devices.
  • A logged in user without privileges to open a Report Object can view it if he knows its URL address.
  • Include Login / Logout buttons on Web Customization doesn’t work properly.
  • The Logout button now says “Log As” when using Active Directory.
  • Using the MacOS theme throws and exception.

Report Web Service – Data Grid

  • Opening the Initial View of a Data Grid with drill downs, throws an exception on every postback.
  • Calling a Data Grid directly doesn’t always open the View indicated in the URL and opening the Initial View instead.

IMPORTANT! Please read here how to upgrade to the latest DBxtra release and how to patch your Report Web Service.

Current Customers!

Current customers please download the latest version from here.