DBxtra .NET ver. 9.3



  • Data loading can be stopped and the partial results used for designing Data Grids, Pivot Grids, reports and Dashboards.
    Moving from Report Type  to another Report Type (Data Grid to Pivot Grid to Report to Dashboard) now doesn’t require to reload the data again; once a dataset is loaded it remains in memory for other Report Types.
    E.G.: If you load the data set in Data Grid then when running the Pivot Grid, Report or Dashboard the data set does not have to be reloaded again which allows much faster working with Report types.  More…
  • DBxtra now tells you how many rows of data has been loaded from the database.
  • DBxtra now separates the time it takes for the query to run from the time it takes to actually load the data.
  • Using the Oracle Data Provider now warns that it only works on Oracle 9i or newer.
  • If you select the Oracle Data Provider now you’re presented with an example of how to connect to the Oracle server.
  • You can now assign a user to multiple user groups.
  • More user-friendly menu items.

Report Web Service

  • Report Auditing: you can log what Report Objects and Types were opened by whom.
  • Opening projects and folders in the Project Explorer now load much faster.

Bugs fixed:


    • The Select/Unselect All button is available when saving a report object and the Change Object Permission option is disabled.
    • Hitting the delete key in the Data grid deletes the selected row.
    • The Chart in the Pivot Grid is not showing the Grand Totals column or row.Report Web Service
    • When the Id parameter in the URL is in uppercase, the user is redirected to the Home/Log In page.
    • The parameter window is blank when shown again for changing the parameter values.
    • The object name appears when the view is reduced to less than 600px when it’s configured not to.
    • The header and the logo are not being hidden when configured so.
    • Calculated fields can’t be used in groups in the Data Grid.

IMPORTANT! Please read here how to upgrade to the latest DBxtra release and how to patch your Report Web Service.

Current Customers!

Current customers please download the latest version from here.