April 11, 2016



  • Export to Excel individual dashboards elements.
  • Enhanced compatibility of Date Functions with Oracle 8.

Report Designer

  • New, easy to use report – sub-report drill down functionality.
  • Now you can change the name of the file when saving the report to a file for the Free Viewer.

Dashboard Designer

  • Performance improvements, now the Dashboard is up to ten times faster processing data.
  • Now you can add bars and indicators (conditional formatting) in the grid and the pivot items in the dashboard.

Schedule Server

  • Sub-reports and Pivot Grids with parameters embedded in a report now ask for their parameter values.
  • You can add the parameter value to the name of the exported report.
  • Bulk change the email configuration for schedule jobs.

Report Web Service

  • You can save the filters in a bookmark placed in the filter area of a Pivot Grid.

 Bugs fixed:

  • If there is a user named Admin in the Active Directory a Designer license it’s taken by him and can’t be changed.
  • Cover values don’t work with date parameters.
  • Review the exporting algorithm to make the columns look like in the Data Grid view.
  • The sessions clean up thread (Report Designer) is not started if using Active Directory and the user can’t log in.
  • Export to Excel (Report Designer) formats empty cells in the Data Grid.
  • The All Values option (Report Web Service) is not working on Like clauses.
  • Redirection it’s not working when there is an active session (Report Web Service).
  • Exporting to Excel (Report Web Service) wraps around the headers on the Data Grid.
  • Opening a report with parameters in (Free Desktop Report Viewer) Windows Explorer doesn’t ask for its parameters.
  • IMPORTANT! Please read here how to upgrade to the latest DBxtra release and how to patch your Report Web Service.Current Customers!

    Current customers please download the latest version from here.