December 10, 2015

DBxtra .NET ver. 9.0.0


Report Web Service

  • The Report Web Service now is now fully responsive, to work on all kind of devices, especially mobile ones.
    Learn more about the Report Web Service version 9.
    Before switching the new Report Web Service responsive interface, please read here.
  • Sessions model was changed from fixed to sliding, so now the timeout refers to the last action carried on by the user
  • Permissions model for the Report Web Service using Active Directory was changed from restrictive to permissive, this is so you only need to grant the required permissions to one group.

Bugs fixed:

Report Designer

  • Parameters are not being saved correctly on Access repositories.

Schedule Server

  • There is an error loading Scheduled jobs in upgraded repositories who don’t have the “Quote strings with separators” option.

Report Web Service

  • When a user closes the browser and request the Login page again it’s disconnected and unable to log in again.
  • When using Active directory the user configured as Admin is unable to export.
  • Bookmarks with filters show blank rows when this option was not selected on first place.
  • Files exported from the Pivot Grid have the months and minutes part of their name swapped.

IMPORTANT! Please read here how to upgrade to the latest DBxtra release and how to patch your Report Web Service.

Current Customers!

Current customers please download the latest version from here.