DBxtra .NET ver. 8.2.3

Bugs fixed:

Report Designer

  • DBxtra doesn’t import all the groups and users from Active Directory.
  • The Project Explorer doesn’t update itself after saving a report object when Active Directory is enabled.
  • The object comments appear without line breaks on the parameter window.
  • On Microsoft Access data connections, the controls move upwards when the user has a Designer license without the Report Web Service.
  • Putting a parameter in an extracted date throws an error on Firebird data connections.
  • Editing a calculated field changes its position in the area it’s positioned on the Pivot Grid.
  • Calculated fields with spaces on its name are not enclosed by square brackets on the Expression Editor.
  • If two or more pivot grids from the same report object are inserted, their data sources duplicate on the report.

Schedule Server

  • The “Quote string with separators” option for CSV and Text formats it’s not being saved to the repository.

Report Web Service

  • The load time for parameters with huge record sets was improved.
  • The original field it’s added or quitted when the Percent of Row or Column it’s on the view on the Pivot Grid.
  • If the view doesn’t have the Grand Totals column, it’s still shown on the first load of the Pivot Grid
  • Fields may appear swapped in their respective areas if they’re out of order in the bookmark of the Pivot Grid.
  • Using a bookmark in a view with calculated fields doesn’t initialize the expression on the Pivot Grid.
  • Filters for calculated fields are not being stored properly in the bookmark on the Pivot Grid.
  • Charts don’t load in the Pivot Grid if the regional settings of the server are set to use a comma as decimal separator.
  • The Generate Series From Rows option it’s not restored on the Report Web Service for the Chart on the Pivot Grid.

IMPORTANT! Please read here how to upgrade to the latest DBxtra release and how to patch your Report Web Service.

Current Customers!

Current customers please download the latest version from here.