I would like to share a recent customer testimonial:

Best Report Writer and Best Support Available

We did a substantial amount of market testing before deciding on which product to settle on.
We needed to improve the quality of our reports, make data easier to understand for our end users and reduce the development time associated with report generation.
We evaluated a number of other competitors. We found the service to be reasonable with most of the companies we evaluated. In some products, we found very advanced features, but the development cycle would require lots of coding. We were looking for a solution that would streamline the report creation process and offer a powerful set of tools for visualizing and presenting data back.
After we became disillusioned with the 4th product we tried, we moved over to testing DBxtra.
With DBxtra we had created and deployed our first report in less than 3 days (compared to over 7 with the other products)
DBxtra works like this: You build an underlying query using a visual query builder – from this you effectively have 4 separate methods of manipulating the data:
– Data Grids
– Pivot Tables
– Reports
– Dashboards
Go the website to see these.
But why am I actually writing this review?
During our testing of this product, the service and support we received was literally the best we’ve experienced. The friendly and experienced team at DBxtra never made us wait long for an answer to a support email and on a number of occasions they screen shared with us to provide advice. In about 5 situations, our requirements needed code changes in asp pages. Each time, they went away, researched our problem and came back and implemented it for us.
As part of our purchase we agreed on some customization work that needed to be done at short notice. We were a little worried about whether the quality of the service would drop off after we paid. When our customization was not completed we sent an email to ask what was going on at 23:00 – only to get an instant reply to say that it had taken longer than planned due to a major storm, but they were staying with it until it was done. It was completed at around 02:00 – and was done so because the DBxtra team understood we needed it for showcase to a client the next morning and they delivered on their promise.
That’s all there is to say really.

Martyn – C. Systems