Report Designer

  • New Excel data export engine, it improves speed and memory usage and now supports tighter integration with Excel.
  • The field list on the pivot grid now supports 3 different modes, including an Excel like field list.
  • The report designer now has a spark line control.
  • The report now have sub-bands, which allow you to have a space where you can show additional information on any band.
  • A button was added to access the scripts editor window on the Report Designer.
  • Firebird data connections now can specify a port.
  • Projects importation speed was improved.
  • The Percent of Row and Percent of Column fields on the pivot grid can now be deleted from the view.
  • An option was added for cover values so it doesn’t show the data being passed to the report in the parameter window.
  • MySQL now can take in account the First Day of Week configuration on DBxtra.

Report Web Service

  • Date functions with custom ranges now ask for their value.
  • The log in speed of the Report Web Service while using Active Directory was improved.
  • GUID (Unique Identifier) parameters now work properly.

Dashboard Designer

  • The Dashboard now has a Group element.
  • The Dashboard has now filtering specific elements (Combo box, List Box and Tree View).
  • Now you can edit the colors of some elements in the Dashboard.
  • Now you can change the width of columns in a Grid dashboard item.

Schedule Server

  • Now you can send and export data and pivot grid views directly from the Schedule Server.
  • Troubleshooting messages while configuring SMTP settings were improved.
Bugs fixed:

Report Designer

  • The Page Setup window on the Report Designer replaces commas with dots on regional settings which use commas as decimal separator.

  • Pivot grids inserted into a report show columns that don’t appear in the view.

  • Renaming a calculated field on the pivot grid makes it lose its data.

  • Inserting and unbound sub report which contains its own pivot grid causes the designer to hang.

  • Exporting to CSV doesn’t escape the delimiter (like commas) on the data and pivot grid.

  • Setting a User Variable uses a heterogeneous query.

  • Exporting to a Tab separated file doesn’t work properly on the data and pivot grid.

  • Creating more Designer users than the allowed on your license, causes that only the first ones are able to log in.

  • Converting from normal to heterogeneous queries fails with syntax errors for PostgreSQL.

  • The First Day of Week option it’s disabled for users without a Report Web Service license.

  • Changing from a designed view to the initial view make the fields lose the summary on the field caption.

  • Users created with the user import utility throw an exception when viewed on the Designer.

  • Using the same parameter name on different columns and on different sub queries causes and error while filling in the Report’s field list.

  • An exception loading the data source makes the dashboard appear empty on the design view.

  • Opening the Pivot Grid from the Object’s start page doesn’t load any data and causes an exception when refreshing the Pivot Grid.

Schedule Server

  • Exporting to CSV doesn’t escape the delimiter (like commas).
  • Missing Outlook libraries causes a problem while saving the Project’s configuration.
  • After saving a schedule the user who created it is unable to see it.

Report Web Service

  • The pivot grid shows columns that are not part of the view, or the columns are out of order.
  • Using a data source with dynamic columns causes an exception.
  • The Sort field’s window doesn’t load its contents until you perform a post back.
  • The view size it’s very small after changing the summaries on the pivot grid.
  • When using Active Directory, you can still log in with DBxtra built in users.
  • First run welcome pop up it’s not showing.
  • User group permissions are not reset when a user from a different user group logs in.

IMPORTANT! Please read here how to upgrade to the latest DBxtra release and how to patch your Report Web Service.

Current Customers!

Current customers please download the latest version from here.


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