We are very happy to announce that we released the DBxtra XL Reporting Service add-on for Microsoft Excel.

We know that many of your co-workers love to work with Excel to analyze and report data:

  • Everyone knows Excel

  • You already own Excel

  • It’s easy to tweak report data by sorting, filtering, assigning formulas, etc.

The problem: It is difficult for IT departments to deliver real-time live data into Excel.

That’s why we deliver the DBxtra XL Reporting Service.


Download Your XL Reporting Service Trial from here!

Please learn more about the DBxtra XL Reporting Service.

Also view the XL Reporting Service documentation.


  • The DBxtra XL Reporting Service is licensed as an add-on to the DBxtra Report Web Service.
  • You need only one license.
  • You need to have at least 1 DBxtra Designer license and 1 Report Web Service user license.
  • XL Reporting Service users count as named DBxtra Report Web Service users.
  • You can log in at the Report Web Service and XL Reporting Service simultaneously.


  • Microsoft Excel 2007- 2010 – 2013