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DBxtra .NET ver. 10 Released

November 14, 2017 DBxtra .NET ver. 10.0.0 New: General New Designer menus; icons changed. Offline mode, DBxtra can now work with offline data, improving loading time of slow and large queries. New menu bar icon designs and additional design changes – improved support for touch screens and high DPI screens. The Designer, Secure Desktop Viewer […]

DBxtra .NET ver. 9.1.0 Released

April 11, 2016 New: General Export to Excel individual dashboards elements. Enhanced compatibility of Date Functions with Oracle 8. Report Designer New, easy to use report – sub-report drill down functionality. Now you can change the name of the file when saving the report to a file for the Free Viewer. Dashboard Designer Performance improvements, now […]

DBxtra .NET ver. 9.0.0 Released

December 10, 2015 DBxtra .NET ver. 9.0.0 New: Report Web Service The Report Web Service now is now fully responsive, to work on all kind of devices, especially mobile ones. Learn more about the Report Web Service version 9. IMPORTANT! Before switching the new Report Web Service responsive interface, please read here. Sessions model was […]

DBxtra ver. 8.2.3 Released

DBxtra .NET ver. 8.2.3 Bugs fixed: Report Designer DBxtra doesn’t import all the groups and users from Active Directory. The Project Explorer doesn’t update itself after saving a report object when Active Directory is enabled. The object comments appear without line breaks on the parameter window. On Microsoft Access data connections, the controls move upwards […]

DBxtra ver. 8.2.2 Released

New: Report Designer New Excel data export engine, it improves speed and memory usage and now supports tighter integration with Excel. The field list on the pivot grid now supports 3 different modes, including an Excel like field list. The report designer now has a spark line control. The report now have sub-bands, which allow […]

DBxtra .NET ver. 8.2.0 Released

September 17, 2014 DBxtra .NET ver. 8.2.0 New: Report Designer User Security: Active Directory integration with support for single sign on. Database connections: support for MySQL ODBC driver 5.2 or newer. Data Grid: filters on the headers of the data grid now allow multiple selection. Data Grid: add multiple summaries to the same column on […]

DBxtra .NET ver. 8.1.0 Released

March 12, 2014 DBxtra .NET ver. 8.1.0 New: DBxtra now fully supports 64 bit computers, this enables you to work with more reports at the same time and use bigger data sets. Learn more about the 64 bit version. Query Builder: Support for MySQL stored procedures. Improvements : The “Fit All” algorithm on the Data […]

DBxtra .NET ver. 7.2.1 Released

DBxtra .NET ver. 7.2.1 New features: Stored Procedures: Now you can use multivalued parameters, they will be passed to the stored procedure parameter as a string of comma separated values. Data Grid: On demand Drill Down, now the drill down data will be loaded only when you need it. Free Viewer: Refresh button was added. […]

DBxtra .NET ver. 7.2.0 Released

DBxtra .NET ver. 7.2.0 New features: The ability to see the detail of a summarized data on the Pivot Grid Drill Down. Integration of the Pivot Grid data with Bing Maps. Bugs fixed: Automatic fix for the problem wwhen opening an object showed a Navigation Cancelled page in the Designer. Improved compatibility with Common Expression […]

DBxtra .NET ver. 7.1.1 Released

New features: Added users with Viewer privileges, that can log in into the Designer, but can’t edit reports. Bugs fixed: MySQL connections didn’t take the Connection Timeout parameter. Exporting to CSV from the Report Web Service caused an error if the exported object was a Stored procedure with date (Datetime) parameters. If no band or […]


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