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DBxtra .NET ver. 7.2.0 Released

DBxtra .NET ver. 7.2.0 New features: The ability to see the detail of a summarized data on the Pivot Grid Drill Down. Integration of the Pivot Grid data with Bing Maps. Bugs fixed: Automatic fix for the problem wwhen opening an object showed a Navigation Cancelled page in the Designer. Improved compatibility with Common Expression […]

DBxtra .NET ver. 4.2.1 released

Bugs fixed: Report Web Service – Data Grid – now resolves large data-ser queries much faster. Web Report Widget – cookies in IE – sometimes required a multiple login. IMPORTANT! Please read here how to patch your Report Web Service Current customers please download from here: http://www.dbxtranet.com/Customers/Customers.aspx

DBxtra .NET ver. 4.2.0 released

Bugs fixed: Designer – Opening two already stored objects and creating cross-references to each of them, the application allows me to save both objects, but when I try to reopen any of the objects, the application crashes. Designer – Moving a heterogeneous object between two projects, and if any of them has more connections than […]

New Parameter popup window

Now, when asked for a user input parameter a popup window will display. Download the latest DBxtra version from here.

DBxtra .NET ver. 4.1.9 released

Bugs fixed: Designer – Objects created from a Stored Procedure do not allow changing the name of the parameters. Apparently it changes the name however it immediately sets it back the original name. Designer – While trying to modify a query based in a Stored Procedure, it is deleted from the working pane after clicking […]

DBxtra .NET ver. 4.1.8 released

Bugs fixed: Several minor parameter, criteria and expression bugs fixed IMPORTANT! Please read here how to patch your Report Web Service

DBxtra .NET ver. 4.1.7 released

Bugs fixed: Setup – Install returned error on some regional settings Schedule Server – Merge object to Excel – quote Strings with separators error New Features: Parameters now allows re-using a parameter in the same Query. If the same Parameter is then DBxtra will only asked once to enter it. DBxtra will automatically name the […]

DBxtra .NET ver. 4.1.5 released

We know; this time has been real short from one release to the next. But we felt that the backup option in DBxtra 4.1.4. was far from being perfect. Changes: We changed the backup utility – when your DBxtra Server database is located on the Report Web Service – in the last version 4.1.4 we […]

DBxtra .NET ver. 4.1.4 Released

New Features: Date Function Wizard for connections to MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle databases. More… Back up – you can now back up all projects in a single step. Until now DBxtra could only backup your Server database if you were connected through a disc path; now it is also possible to […]

DBxtra .NET ver. 4.1.3 Released

DBxtra .NET ver. 4.1.3 New Features Report Web Service translations The Schedule Server now only executes automatically through the Windows Service Bugs fixed Several bugs fixes IMPORTANT! Please read here how to patch your Report Web Service


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