We recently invited our customers to take a survey where more than 200 customers offered their opinion.

Thank you all so much.

Here are some results of it.

We asked from what application our customers use DBxtra to report from.


MS SQL Server is still the most deployed database among our customers.


83% of our customers find DBxtra easy to use.


56% found the working speed of the DBxtra Designer OK.


61% found the working speed of Web Reports OK.


36% love the Report Web Service and 51% find it OK; we’ll need to do some improvements here.


50% love the Web Report Widget and 50% find it more less.


58% love the Schedule Server.


Support seems OK but can be improved.


Help documentation seems OK but we’ll improve it anyway.


82% of our customers find DBxtra GREAT.


67% of our customers think that DBxtra saved theme lots of time and money.


It seems that our pricing policy is OK.



Some interesting answers on What do you like best about DBxtra?

Easy to use it , cheap.

Price vs. functionality.

Ability to do reports quickly without external sql editor.

Graphical interface – clean and easy to understand.

Somewhat easy. Nice interface. More powerful than other ad-hoc tools we tested.

Quick and easy … functionality is perfect for us.

Easy to use with a lot of possibilities to connect to a lot of databases. Further on you can easily analyse the data with Excel.

The price to functionality is awesome. I have had experienced BI veterans walk away impressed with what it can do for the price.

its ability to connect to a variety of different database platforms

Its connectivity across multiple storage formats and
ease of building nice Reports, Grids and Charts rquickly.

fairly intuitive.

ease of use.

The price / equivalent value is good.

The user interaction capabilities especially on the web gui.

Very fast creating of queries and the scheduling feature.

Database independence and cross-database joins. Portal reporting solution, …. a very nice solution that is very close to competing with other solutions but lacks some features.

Easy to use, Web Report Service.

Fairly flexible for setting up reports.

Data analysis being able to export to Excel, etc.

Now the bad issues; What don’t you like about DBxtra?

You have still use database own language to do some special tricks (PL/SQL in case of of Oracle).

It is sometimes very slow and the Documentation is very poor. Error descriptions are very difficult to analyze.

I would like to see all the bug fix’s that go into a release. I know it is a lot more work but it helps us decide to take a update or not. I would like to see integration with windows security and lastly I would like better administrator control of upgrades.

Online help and manual are poorly written.

No Information about Object properties (creation data;last modified data).

It is slow and sluggish.

Help is not detailed enough

Occasionally error message show when we get some setup wrong and the message is general and does not help us much in finding and resolving. Documentation needs improvement.

Not having a Pervasive.SQL Dialect. This causes us problems when wanting to use the Top function, for example.

On the question Could you compare DBxtra to a similar reporting tool and how would you compare it.

Crystal Report : Expensive & Not easy to used. DBXTRA: Cheap and easy to used

I tried LogiXML and loved it. But the one piece I really needed (the grid) would cost their license fee ($10,000). And that was all I needed. Couldn’t spend anywhere near that amount. Then I went back to testing DBxtra.

We use MicroStrategy for our heavy lifting. the problem is that it is soooo expensive we cannot get reporting and analysis to lowere lever users. With DB Xtra I can get more data to more people with less expendature. MicroStrategy charges for every recipiant of one of their reports. PDF style reports are only viewble by another license cost and the list goes on and on.

It is about 20 times easier than Servoy.

The more power tools put too much power in the hands of non-technical users so I don’t really have a good comparison. DBxtra works well for its intended purpose.

Crystal Reports is too complex for the task in hand.

Before DBXtra we used MS Access for making querys in SQL databases.
Now we can work faster, more comfortable and easier, when we want to create SQL queries.

We use products such as Microsoft SSRS and Cognos. With some additional work it could become a valid contender for a "turn-key" reporting solution.

In the beginning along with DBxtra 2005 I compared it with several other products and I did decide for it. Now with DBxtra.Net – it is an outstanding piece of reporting software!

Some testimonials

Cheap and Easy.

This is a really nice set of tools for interconnection to several different/same format DBs, they all appear in Dbxtra on a single panel, each in its own block, having a different name, but the blocks have the same appearance. You can then build a final query using any of the rows from the separate DBs/tables on the panel. The data pulled by the query is then supplied to a Data Grid, Pivot Table, Band Report, and Chart Designs. Scripting using either the Visual C or Visual Basic language is available for special purposes at design time. Dbxtra will not write to or modify any of your data connections.

We use DBxtra to allow our non-technical users to report on the data in our SQL Server database. It has allowed users to get certain types of data on demand and not get stuck waiting for IT to create the report.

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I would recommend DBxtra to anyone, it’s a great produce, excellent support and easy to use.

You made a great program and we are glad to use it for our demands.
Please continue with your superb work!

Dbxtra is a very good reporting tool that makes it easy for developers end users to build and use web reports.

My number one thinking on reports!

And finally 90% would recommend our Report Software.


Again thanks to all our customers who gave us their valuable opinion. Thanks.