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Easy to use Stand Alone Reporting Software

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Business Intelligence Reporting Software

Build and Deploy Visually Appealing Ad-hoc
Web Reports and Interactive Dashboards.


Quickly Design Interactive Ad-hoc Reports

Connect to your databases and build queries and reports without SQL and programing knowledge.

DBxtra is easy to use yet very powerful.


More than Simple Reports

Choose from a host of output formats.

Design ad-hoc data grids, pivot grids
with embedded charts, pixel-perfect reports with filters, user-input parameters and drill-downs.


It has Never Been Easier to Design
Beautiful Interactive Dashboards

Get a deep insight and actionable view of your
business data creating interactive dashboards
with "drag and drop" ease.


Single Click Report and Dashboard Deployment

End users can view reports with the Desktop Viewer
or on the Report Web Service, a web based interface that allows you to deploy secured reports
over any web browser.


Access all your Report data from within
©Microsoft Excel in real-time mode

The DBxtra XL Reporting Service is an Excel add-on which allows you to have access to your DBxtra Report Objects from within Excel.


Automate Information Delivery and
Avoid Repetitive Tasks

The DBxtra Schedule Server offers report schedule capabilities with many options, including recurring schedule jobs based on specific time intervals.


Be Up and Running in No Time

DBxtra is easy to implement, learn and use,
enabling you to produce and deploy your first report in less than an hour;
or maybe less.


DBxtra Offers You an Accelerated ROI

DBxtra is affordable and will save you lots of time designing and deploying reports
giving you a quick return of your investment.


Easy-To-Use Stand Alone Ad-hoc Business Intelligence Reporting & Dashboarding Software

With DBxtra, even inexperienced report designers can create and distribute interactive web-reports and dashboards in a few minutes without the knowledge of SQL, programming or web technologies.
Designing, deploying and managing information reports and dashboards is easy.

Design Reports and Dashboards in Minutes

The Report Designer, makes it quick and easy to create database connections, queries and reports. Finally, you can easily have complete control over data querying, filtering, field expressions, end-user input parameters, report formatting and report behavior with this innovative web-reporting platform. More about the Report Designer

The Dashboard Designer allows you to quickly design powerful and interactive web-based Dashboards. More about the Dashboard Designer

Products Overview Try DBxtra for Free!

One click Report and Dashboard Deployment

End users can view reports with the Free Desktop Report Viewer or use the advanced functionality of the Report Web Service - a web based reporting interface that allows you to easily deploy secured and interactive reports over any web browser. View Sample Reports

The Schedule Server offers automatic report, email merge and alert scheduling on specific time intervals.

The NEW XL Reporting Service allows you to consume live, real-time data from within ©Microsoft Excel.

What our customers say about DBxtra

  • "The ROI for this product is incredible when compared to other database reporting tools such as, Crystal, SAP, Cognos and Business Objects, etc. I would recommend this product to anyone that may have multiple versions of a database, such as SQL, Oracle, DB2, Informix, Access, etc because of its ability to handle different versions of a database and produce professional reports quickly. ."

    Daniel Rebich - SF&C Insurance Associates, Inc

  • "Our corporate standard for custom reporting has been Integral Enterprise Viewer (IEV) for over 5 years. Once they saw how quickly custom reports could be created in DBxtra they gave OK for our division. Custom queries that took hours to create in IEV can be created in minutes and sometimes seconds in DBxtra. The ability to drop in an existing SQL query have DBxtra create all the required sub-queries and links saved me hundreds of hours in converting queries I personally had to run for users into ones that deliver automatically through the scheduler or get run as required through the web service."

    Robert B Willsie - ION Geophysical/Marine Imaging System Division

  • "This is a really nice set of report tools for interconnection to several different/same format databases, they all appear in DBxtra on a single panel, each in its own block, having a different name, but the blocks have the same appearance. You can then build a final query using any of the rows from the separate DBs/tables on the panel. The data pulled by the query is then supplied to a Data Grid, Pivot Table, Band Report, Dashboard and Chart Designs."

    Ray F. Bentch - Pro Data Research, Inc

  • "We use DBxtra to allow our non-techincal users to report on the data in our SQL Server database.
    It has allowed users to get certain types of data on demand and not get stuck waiting for IT to create the report."

    Mickey Langley - American Cancer Society

  • "DBxtra has been a great value.
    Typically I can design and deploy a relatively complex management report on the corporate intranet in less than an hour."

    Stefan Tutlewski - Depesche GmbH & Co.KG

  • "I've been working with data analysis and reporting tools for a "long time" and can tell you that I'm very impressed with the product functionality and how you created the solution with a focus on ease of use for non-technical users, especially the seamless integration between the desktop development and the web environment. I like how you've leveraged the different components to create the solution, providing a lot of functionality at just the right price point.
    Thanks for making my life much easier!"

    Charles - www.pstgi.com

  • "DBxtra saves me 70% of the time and gives more accuracy; instead of explaining to the programmers what I want I can do it on my own, and then talk to the programmers."

    www.punkt.de GmbH

  • "DBxtra is one of the very stony reporting application of IT to provide the best services with the ease of centralized management. So it does not take a lot of staff to provide the necessary services to the user, especially for the user during installation or in the event of problems."

    Agung Dwi - Cipta Mortar Utama PT

Featured DBxtra Customers

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